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     The rainy wetlands of the WATSURAN'NI PLAINS is said to be one of the most depressing places in the world. People say this is because it rains all the time, which they believe contributes to a traveler's sadness. However, the PLAINS have a history of bloodshed. Many wars and battles have been fought here throughout history. The most noteable of these was the NENOTO-BAKARAN WAR.

     In ancient times, a gateway existed, which allowed people to travel freely to a whole different world. Unfortunately, the ruler of the BAKARAN EMPIRE commanded his army to enter the gateway, and invade the NENOTO KINGDOM. The WATSURAN'NI RIVER turned red from the blood of many soldiers. KING NENOTO ordered the gateway to be closed off, severing the connection between worlds indefinitely.

     At the time of the first MANA REPLENISHMENT CYCLE, however, the EMPEROR of FUNARI deemed it necessary to reopen the gate just long enough for the CRYSTAL EXPEDITION to continue their quest. In order to ensure others did not go through the portal, the EMPEROR placed a select group of elite soldiers at the BAKARAN GATE to prevent anyone other than the CRYSTAL EXPEDITION from passing through.

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