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     In the midst of PIRANHA-infested LAKE GAMA lies the TEMPLE OF THE WATER CRYSTAL. During the first MANA REPLENISHMENT CYCLE, the CRYSTAL EXPEDITION lost their WARRIOR at this TEMPLE because he was eaten by PIRANHAS while trying to locate the underwater entrance. The only way to enter this TEMPLE is by solving the ELVEN riddle, which is carved into the ALTAR, located somewhere along the eastern shore.

     Deep within the TEMPLE lies the CLOISTER, where adventurers must confront the WATER DRAGON. Beyond the CLOISTER is the GUARDIAN SPIRIT CHAMBER, wherein abides the PRIESTESS, keeper of the sacred WATER CRYSTAL. The PRIESTESS is an ELEMANCER, capable of casting basic WATER-based spells, such as AQUA BLAST, and TIDAL WAVE. Her weakness is LIGHTNING-based spells, and she can absorb WATER-based spells, in some cases, using them to heal herself.

Temple of the Water Crystal - HaKu
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