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     ORUGONE VILLAGE is known throughout FUNARI for three things: well-trained warriors, exceptionally forged swords, and the world record for "most time spent rebuilding the entire village from the ground up". This is due to what some believe to be a curse on ORUGONE. Many historians say the curse began many eons ago during the MANA WAR.


     As legend has it, the people of ORUGONE stumbled upon an ELEMANCER'S spell book, and used it to infuse swords with elemental magic. This angered the SEVEN GREAT MAGES, provoking them to destroy ORUGONE VILLAGE. This event is said to have also triggered the MANA REPLENISHMENT CYCLE.


     After the events of the MANA WAR, the village was rebuilt. Unfortunately, nine years later, the village was torn apart by a massive earthquake. Seven years later, the village was destroyed again by a cyclone. Twelve years after the cyclone, the ORCS invaded, burning ORUGONE VILLAGE to ashes. It became like clockwork. The villagers would rebuild once every decade or so. The one thing scholars have yet to figure out is why the villagers keep rebuilding ORUGONE VILLAGE in the first place.

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