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     Beyond the southern border of the GARUKO JUNGLE lies the NENOTO PLATEAU. In ancient times, NENOTO was a bustling kingdom. The people of NENOTO believed in the wind god, NOTUS, who was considered the guardian of the PLATEAU. In more recent times, NOTUS is thought of as the "giver of life", which makes perfect sense because everything on the PLATEAU is powered by wind.

     Yet, as history suggests, NOTUS has not always been a perfect guardian. Just like the wind, the once illustrious KINGDOM of NENOTO was fleeting. When KING NENOTO was assassinated by HASHIROI'S royal army, the KINGDOM was plunged into darkness for many decades. The winds died down substantially, and the people of NENOTO felt as if NOTUS had turned away from them. During the rise of the FUNARI EMPIRE, however, the people of NENOTO went through a "rennaissance" period of sorts. A new technology came about that would allow people to harness the wind, converting it into energy. This eventually lead to the creation of the world's first airship.

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