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mist village

     Shrouded in the MANA of the KAJIGE MOUNTAINS, MIST VILLAGE is known to many scholars as the birthplace of ELEMANCY. Many centuries ago, the SEVEN GREAT MAGES were traveling through the treacherous mountain pass when they stumbled upon the tiny village. The villagers were magic users, and had incredible potential to become powerful MAGES. Unfortunately, the villagers were using magic for menial jobs, such as washing dishes, mopping floors, and keeping their houses tidy. The SEVEN GREAT MAGES saw this as a waste of MANA. So they developed a new form of magic, one which allowed the user to control the elements of nature: water, lightning, ice, fire, earth, and wind. The new form of magic was called ELEMANCY, and the villagers of MIST VILLAGE became the first ELEMANCERS.

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