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     DAJUBO TOWN is a small village near the GARUKO JUNGLE. An oasis for weary travelers, trekking across the vast expanse of the HASHIROI DESERT, DAJUBO TOWN also serves as a hideout for some of the world's most notorious criminals in history. To say DAJUBO is a "wretched hive of scum and villainy" is an understatement. Nobody would have expected the SPIRITMANCER, the "world's savior" to come from such a place. Yet, in a strange twist of irony, HELENA, a daughter of DAJUBO, was chosen by the EMPEROR himself. As a teenager, HELENA watched over her mother, who became very ill. She also took care of her two younger sisters in her mother's stead. When she was chosen to be the SPIRITMANCER, HELENA was torn between playing mother to her sisters, and playing mother to the world. The people of FUNARI can only hope she chose the latter...


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