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     Many eons ago, before the establishment of the FUNARI EMPIRE, the land was divided into three kingdoms: the DRYGDAUW KINGDOM, the NENOTO KINGDOM, and the HASHIROI KINGDOM. The largest of these kingdoms was under the rule of KING HASHIROI. The HASHIROI KINGDOM extended from the VALURIUM HILLS all the way to the GARUKO JUNGLE.

     For a time, the three kingdoms coexisted in peace. Unfortunately, KING HASHIROI became possessed by the dark spirit, known as AFRITE. As many scholars have noted, AFRITE was once a ruler, who had an insatiable lust for gold. When he died, AFRITE never ascended to the SPIRIT PLANE, and instead, wandered aimlessly through the HASHIROI DESERT as an undead soul in search of immeasureable wealth. As legend suggests, KING HASHIROI inherited AFRITE'S greed. This prompted HASHIROI to send his royal army to assassinate KING NENOTO, and rob him of his gold.

     Upon the death of KING NENOTO, HASHIROI needed a place to keep his newly acquired wealth. He forced captive citizens of the former NENOTO KINGDOM to build a grand city, with an even grander palace. While this city was under construction the ELVEN tribes of the DRYGDAUW KINGDOM confronted HASHIROI, initiating a brief skirmish between the ELVES and KING HASHIROI'S infamous royal army. The ELVES were overwhelmed, and they retreated to ARAKON FOREST.

     Once the grand city was completed, HASHIROI sent a letter to the ruler of the DRYGDAUW KINGDOM, offering the DRYGDAUW ruler a deal: "Surrender your crown, and your life will be spared. Oppose me, and my royal army will take your head." The ruler of DRYGDAUW surrendered. HASHIROI declared himself "EMPEROR" soon after, and became the wealthiest ruler of all time.

     What HASHIROI did not foresee was AFRITE'S reconciliation with the goddess of life, NONA. In exchange for passage into the SPIRIT PLANE, AFRITE was commanded to avenge the death of KING NENOTO. HASHIROI, still possessed by AFRITE, set fire to his own palace, subsequently burning the entire IMPERIAL CITY to ashes. By the time AFRITE ascended, it was too late for HASHIROI to escape from his fiery grave. In a strange twist of fate, HASHIROI was not allowed to ascend to the SPIRIT PLANE, and it is believed that his spirit still wanders through the desert, seeking revenge on AFRITE.

     The vast expanse of desert land once ruled by HASHIROI became known as HASHIROI DESERT. The ruins of the former IMPERIAL CITY still exist to this day in the western part of the DESERT. Other points of interest are the village at HASHIROI BEACH, and DAJUBO TOWN.

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