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     In FUNARI, there is a legendary story of two people, a swordsman from ORUGONE, and his bride-to-be, a woman of nobility from IMPERIAL CITY. The swordsman was madly in love with his lady, and she reciprocated this love. Some say they were the perfect couple. The CHIEF of ORUGONE was so pleased at receiving their wedding invitation, that he had his men begin the construction of an airship, which would take the couple to NENOTO PLATEAU for their wedding ceremony. However, the swordsman groom declined the CHIEF'S generous offer, explaining that they could not wait for the airship's completion.


    Traveling by horse and cart, the couple passed through the HASHIROI DESERT, and into the GARUKO JUNGLE. The swordsman, being a skilled warrior from ORUGONE, underestimated the perils of the JUNGLE. As the story goes, the couple was never seen, or heard from again. Some storytellers say the couple was killed while fighting off some of the carnivorous plants, or by JAGUARS. Some say the JUNGLE, being a living entity, opened up, swallowing them whole. Many people in FUNARI believe this legend could actually be a true story because long ago, the CRYSTAL EXPEDITION found what appeared to be a neglected horse cart in the depths of GARUKO.

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