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We're making a few changes to the website. And we're adding some new issues of WCS, starting with Issue 5! Go check it out! Stay tuned for more!

    Posted by Sanya at 10:37pm on 7/16/2018

What?!? What do you mean Orugone Village was destroyed?!?! Fantastic. Now I'm stuck with these losers until we find another town. Hopefully, this village in the Kajige Mountains will still be there by that time...
    Posted by Sanya at 2:14pm on 6/19/2018


Great. The old man... Relic... is that his real name? Whatever. He stopped me from sneaking out of Arakon. Maybe it will work to my advantage if I can tag along. At least until we get to Orugone Village. I'm ditching these idiots as soon as we get there...
    Posted by Sanya at 2:12am on 6/5/2018


HaKu's kinda bummed out. She won't be able to go to Sabaku Con this year. However, she's busy working on comics, so expect some new digital issues soon!
    Posted by Sanya at 1:12am on 5/2/2018


I've gotta get outta here. This elf village is so OVER...
    Posted by Sanya at 2:03am on 4/15/2018


The first five print issues of WCS are available at Big Adventure Comics in Santa Fe, Lobo Anime & Comics in Albuquerque, and Age of Comics in Albuquerque! Go get your copies of WCS today, and support these comic book stores, too!
    Posted by Sanya at 4:02pm on 3/28/2018


Interesting... the purple blob monster thingy turns into a tiny purple blob thingy if you feed him chocolate. Good to know...
    Posted by Sanya at 8:01pm on 2/18/2018


Yeah... not cool. I travel all the way to Arakon Village, and the elves that live there put up a sign that reads: No humans allowed. Racist elves.
    Posted by Sanya at 7:49pm on 1/11/2018


HaKu wanted to let you know that she's taking a break from printing WCS for a while. Don't worry, she's hard at work plotting new story lines, and getting ready to introduce some new characters! Stay tuned!
    Posted by Sanya at 1:32am on 12/13/2017


Now you can read WCS Issues 1-4 right here on the Bitey Bunny site! For free! Just go to the "Online Comics" and check it out!
    Posted by Sanya at 3:38pm on 10/23/2017


Finally found the village. Got attacked by this purple blob monster thingy. Some old guy popped up out of nowhere. Purple blob monster thingy's his pet. Seriously?
    Posted by Sanya at 7:43pm on 9/25/2017


BMG FanFest was fun! Can't wait until the next one!
    Posted by Sanya at 10:04pm on 8/10/2017


Look for HaKu at BMG FanFest on August 10! She'll be cosplaying as Helena, the Spiritmancer! Oh, and she'll have WCS Issues 1-5 available, some posters, Yaru plushies, and other goodies!
    Posted by Sanya at 2:54pm on 6/28/2017


Yay! HaKu told me she had such a great time promoting World of the Crystal Spirits at Sabaku Con, she's decided to post Issue 3 online! Go check it out, so you can see me get into more mischief!
    Posted by Sanya at 1:21am on 4/14/17


So we tried making parts of the website accessible only for people who signed up on a mailing list. Bad idea. We decided to remove the glitched signup form and scrap that idea entirely. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. It's gone.
    Posted by Sanya at 1:47pm on 4/10/17


So, the map shows a village in this forest somewhere... I don't see any village. You had one job, cartographer...
    Posted by Sanya at 2:30pm on 3/24/17


I stole a map of Funari from Mr. Spikey Hair. He's too stupid to use it anyways.
    Posted by Sanya at 1:29pm on 3/23/17


HaKu told me to give everyone the good news! World of the Crystal Spirits Issue 2 is posted online for you to enjoy!
    Posted by Sanya at 11:30pm on 2/18/17


I'm running this blog now, so stay tuned for things that actually matter.
    Posted by Sanya at 5:20pm on 2/08/17


And stay off.
    Posted by Sanya at 2:19pm on 2/04/17


---HaKu logged off---
    12:14pm 1/27/17


Get off my blog and I'll think about it.
    Posted by Sanya at 12:13pm on 1/27/17


Not even if I let you run the blog without interruption?
    Posted by HaKu at 10:29am on 1/19/17


Not talking to you. I can't EVEN.
    Posted by Sanya at 6:44pm on 12/03/16


Still mad at me?
    Posted by HaKu at 3:37pm on 11/28/16


    Posted by Sanya at 2:45pm on 10/27/16


Um... I do.
    Posted by HaKu at 2:44pm on 10/27/16


You act like you run this site.
    Posted by Sanya at 2:43pm on 10/27/16


I did say sorry.
    Posted by HaKu at 2:41pm on 10/27/16


Oh? So now you're going to interrupt my blog?
    Posted by Sanya at 2:40pm on 10/27/16


Sorry to interrupt your blog, Sanya. I just wanted everyone to know that I just got Issue 1 of World of the Crystal Spirits printed! I'll be releasing the first issue very soon!
    Posted by HaKu at 2:35pm on 10/27/16


You should see all the stuff I stole!
    Posted by Sanya at 2:32pm on 10/27/16


They didn't even chase after me!
    Posted by Sanya at 2:31pm on 10/27/16


Haha! Spikey McLookalike got scolded by the blonde lady!
    Posted by Sanya at 12:59pm on 10/27/16


Akito? More like Spikey McCloud. Or Teedus McSpikeyhair.
    Posted by Sanya at 12:57pm on 10/27/16


Lol... get a load of the guy with the spikey yellow hair! Wah! Gimme back my gold!
    Posted by Sanya at 12:56pm on 10/27/16


Oooh! Gold!
    Posted by Sanya at 12:44pm on 10/27/16


Um... nevermind. Problem solved. Kinda.
    Posted by Sanya at 12:42pm on 10/27/16


Seriously... they're gaining on me.
    Posted by Sanya at 12:38pm on 10/27/16


Anyone know how to get a pack of WOLVES to stop chasing you? And don't tell me to throw steak at them. I don't have any steak.
    Posted by Sanya at 12:37pm on 10/27/16


Oh, wonderful. They just destroyed the magic barrier around my forest. Thanks for that.
    Posted by Sanya at 12:35pm on 10/27/16


Website is up and running! Be sure to check back for more information!
    Posted by Sanya at 12:31pm on 9/3/16

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